Meeting 3-17-18



  1. Moment of Silence


  2. Welcome and sign in


  3.  Thoughts from Phil: He and others from Veterans For Peace 50 went to Central High School on 3-14 to attend the walkout with the students to remember the victims on 2-14 at  Marjori Stoneman Douglas shooting and he brought our flag. 400 people attended in support of the students.


  4. Old Business


  a. Mary E. Represented VFP50 at the meeting of the Beloved Community. She told the objectives of our group: to support International Day of Peace, and recruitment. All are asked to join VFP50 at the March for Our Lives on Saturday March 23 and on April 20 for a school walkout, the anniversary of Columbine.


b. There will be an International Day of Peace planning meeting in April, when Tim returns. New committee members are welcome to join.


C.  The date for the yard sale has been chosen: June 8 & 9, Friday and Saturday. Tables will be set up the weekend before and items may be brought to Bernie’s house all that week. Pricing and set up will be on Thursday, June 7.

Volunteers are needed. 


Committee Reports


a. Treasurer: Lydia gave the report. She will contact NMC Foundation Scholarship office to ask that our fund with the College would divest from military, war and fossil fuels, on our behalf.


b.  Library: Tom gave the report


c.  public Relations: Sally is the committee. Discussion on the importance of getting the monthly meeting info out to all possible print.


d.  Lydia: There is one application at this time for the scholarship.


New Business


a. Discussed guns and school walkouts earlier in the meeting. Ann had brought buttons that says Ban Assault Weapons for us. She talked about getting more to hand out and the group offered to give money in support. Ann will let us know.


b. Dan Zak of the Washington Post will be doing a presentation at Alma College, Monday, 3-19, on his book ALMIGHTY: Courage in the Existential Nuclear Era. Free at the Dow Science Center.  


c.  Mideast Just Peace is showing the film, The Radiance of Resistance, April 11, at the Traverse City Public Library, 6:30.  They are asking for sponsors from other groups. Elliot made a motion and Tom S. seconded it. VFP50 will support and sponsor the film. ( no money needed)


d.  Tom E. said  he has a lot of VFP50 photos. He will  put them all on discs and video and get them to Tom S to have in our Library.


e. Hal Gurian, Voters-Not-Politicians, will be at our next meeting, April 21, with a presentation and  a slide show.


f. Phil reported that the Boston VFP group has asked to be in the St. Patrick’s day parade since 2011 and every time the have been refused, saying the group is anti war. Phil and Rob will write a letter of support to the group and also invite them to the Cherry Festival parade in Traverse City. 


Submitted by Penny



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