Minutes of the 16 September 2017 Meeting

  1.  Moment of silence was observed.

 2.  Sign in and welcome, introductions took place.

 3.  Thoughts and messages or statements from Tim.

 4.  Old Business:

         a.  Military Demonstration teams.  Bob briefed that Mary E. is in discussion with an attorney.  The attorney advised that the issue was insurmountable and VFP should drop the cause.  The group owes $150 to the attorney for his counsel.   

         b.  International City of Peace.  Bob & Tim provided an update.  Bob is sending information to the International City of Peace organization.  Bob and Tim will brief the issue at the TC council on 18 Sept at 7:00 p.m.  More information here:  http://www.internationalcitiesofpeace.org/   SEE PHOTO BELOW.

         c.  International Day of Peace.  Penny passed out a flyer listing IDP activities.

          d.  Jim's Memorial (Sept. 23, 1-4pm).  Caroline is hosting the event at her house at 616 State Street.  Light refreshments will be provided.  The group is donating a peace pole.

         e.  Emily was awarded a scholarship to defray expenses at NMC.  She will continue her studies at UofM in 2018. Tim read a letter of appreciation from Emily.

5.  Committee Reports:

       a. Treasurer.  Lydia provided a financial update. 

       b.  Library.  Tom talked about moss agates.  

       c.  Public Relations.  No report this month.

       d.  Scholarship.  Lydia reported that the scholarship is fully funded, and is now self-sustaining!  Tim started the scholarship with donations from his Appalachia Trail hike in 2009.

 6.  New Business:

        a.  Human Rights committee meeting.  Tim and Tom discussed the committee; more information to follow next month.       

        b.  Ken Burns documentary.  The documentary starts today (16 September) on PBS.   

        c.  Doug Stanton discussed his latest book, The Odyssey of Echo Company.  Doug is heading out on a three-month book signing tour.  He refers to the Vietnam war as Americas unfinished story.  It is difficult subject to discuss given the extreme and divergent feelings and experience.  More information here:  https://www.facebook.com/doug.stanton.71/       

        d.  Tom E briefed that the Airport Authority is planning to expand the main runway to accommodate more military aircraft.

        e.  Sharon Fidler – from the local Quaker group & Celtic music group (Hammerid) – said that her group will participate at the peace event on the 24 at the open space.  Contact Sharon at 231.947.7926.

        f.  Tim solicited the group for ideas about the best way to educate the public on the cost of war.  Please bring your ideas to the next meeting or contact, or contact Tim. Pete, Sharon, Tim, and Penny will be on the committee.  If you can chair this committee, please contact Tim.  Several suggested advertising in the Northern Express rather than in the Record Eagle.

7.  Open discussion/anything anyone wants to say about anything related to our cause.  Any concerns.

 A peace walk took place following the meeting. 

As recorded by Dave Lannen.

Peace Day2 2017.jpg