Minutes of the 18 November 2017 Meeting

 1. Moment of silence observed.

2. Sign in and welcome introductions took place.

3. Thoughts and messages from Pete, What is necessary to bring peace? Discussion.

4. Old Business

a. Discussion about changing the time of the Veteran Memorial on Armistice Day, due to inclement weather in November.

Mary E. made a motion to change the hours to 10-2:00, Bob second, passed. Memorial Day time will stay the same 8-4:00. 

b. Discussion about the letter Dave Lannen and Laura Franseen had written in the Record Eagle, Forum, Saturday, November 11. Title:  On Veterans Day, war’s carnage demands empathy. Everyone agreed with the authors and appreciate them and their letter.

c. Penny asked for members to consider being on the International Day of Peace committee in the Spring when we begin planning for the event in September.

Bob talked about the International Cities of Peace, (ICP). He reminded everyone Traverse City is now a  member, thanks to all his work and support of VFP50. Bob is asking for ideas for a community action to let others know about the recognition. Possible a mention in the Cheers section in the Record Eagle, who decides that., maybe a part of recruitment.

d. Discussion of November 6 talk at Library: Tim and a panel of Veterans. Richard gave a very good review. Many attended.

e. Pete brought a copy of the “Cost of War” full page poster in the Express, that will be in today’s issue: Nov. 20-26, page 59. Pick it up.   Two movies were mentioned to see: Moral Injury, a PBS movie and Almost Sunrise. 

5. Committee reports

a. Treasurer. Lydia provided a financial report.

b. Library. Tom gave the Library report. Tom has a copy of a new video, “The Free Man”, beyond fear lies freedom. Great movie that can be borrowed. 

c. PR. No report. 

d. Discussion on a yard sale and another fundraiser at the Dennos next year. We voted on options: Tom made a motion to have a yard sale at Bernie’s, with Mary P second, decided yes to the yard sale and no to a fundraiser at the Dennos..

6. New Business

a. Dennos fundraiser, included in d, above. 

b. Leann Kozma, with Ban Fracking.org, will be back next month to talk about fracking and bringing petitions.  

c. VFP50 will not be supporting a Veteran family for Christmas. Plan to do it again next year.

As recorded by Penny Concannon









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