Meeting Minutes
January 20th, 2018


1. A moment of silence was observed.

2. Sign in and welcome:  Tim introduced Dr. McGill from Young Peacebuilders; see below.

3. Thoughts from Tim.

    Tim announced that Pete & Sharon’s daughter, Pilar, died recently.  The group is sending a small donation to the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition.

4. Old Business

     a. International Cities of Peace: No report this month.

     b. Poster of “the true cost of war”.  The recent poster that our group created has gone to the   national office.  Several peace groups have contacted Tim.  In response, we have added national statistics on the cost of war, and where to contact members of congress.

     c. International Day of Peace: No report this month.

     d.  Military Demonstration Teams:  Tim got feedback from local civic leaders.  Mary intends to meet with Senator Stabenow when she is in town next week.

5. Committee Reports:

       a. Treasurer: Lydia provided an update.  Contact her for details.  Tim gave a summary of donations to the group.     

       b. Library:  Tom provided an update on new titles in the library.     

       c. Public Relations: No report this month.     

       d. Scholarship: No report this month.

6. New Business    

      a. Fundraiser at Dennos: Tim motioned that we will continue the fundraiser. Proceeds will go to educate on the cost of war.  We will have a garage sale this year and a Dennos event next year.     

      b. Meetings in February and March:  Pete is not able to continue as the vice president of VFP 50.  Phil will chair the February and March meetings.  Lydia will create the agenda for the next two meetings.

       c. Speaking at the Democratic Fundraiser: They requested a VFP speaker at their upcoming fundraiser.  Contact Tim if you would like to represent the group.  Tim will get more information from Betsy.   

      d. Dr. Michael McGill founder of Young Peacebuilders gave a presentation on the YP program.
They are devoted to helping more young people become more effective peacebuilders worldwide. 

Contact Dr. McGill if you would like to get involved or otherwise contribute to the organization.  They are in need of adults to mentor local peacebuillders.

More info here:

Contact:  773.592.0915

The local manager is:

      e. Website & Social Media: Emily has taken over the management of our website and FaceBook, as our Director of Social Media. Lydia will also be a contributor to the website.  There are two VFP 50 FB accounts.  Mark Ryan runs one. Because he is not active in VFP, Tim will contact him to change the name of his FB account.   


7. Open discussion:  Nothing significant to report.

11:45 Peace walk.  The group will join the Woman’s march today.


As recorded by Dave Lannen


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