Meeting Minutes

1. We had a moment of silence. 


2. Welcome from Tim.


3. Tim talked about his visit with John Lewis. John passed away. Information sent out by Emily.


The local Young Peace Builders group will have an end of the year party at Lucky Jacks, 1705 S. Garfield Ave., Saturday, June 2. Everyone Welcome!




a. Scholarship. 

Bob talked to two men at the NMC office to explain how to find the VFP50 application for qualified students. There are 2 applicants now and the deadline for others is June 1.

The committee will set up times for interviews. Tim will check with Mike Estes to see if he will again match the scholarship of VFP50.


b. PR.

Sally will continue her PR for VFP50, making announcements, and asks committees to do their own PR for their events. Thank You, Sally!


c.International Day of Peace (IDP)

The committee had their first meeting and decided to celebrate IDP as we did last year.

IDP is September 21, Friday. On this day we will go the Clinch Park Beach, Governmental building with the Mayor, and plant a Peace pole in a city park. On Sunday, September 23, we will reserve the Open Space from 1-3:00, where we will have music, speakers and fun. At 3:00 we will have a Peace March through Downtown T.C. Put it on your calendars! Specific details to be posted later.


d. Yard Sale at Bernie’s

The VFP50 fundraising yard sale is June 8 & 9, 9-4:00, at Bernie’s  house, 618 Lake Ave., just north of Oryana.  Please bring tables and your donations to Bernie’s the weekend through Wednesday, the week  of June 2-6. Pricing will be Wednesday and Thursday, 5-7:00. Getting the word out by fb, posters, yard signs, Mary E will ask to Sally to do paper ads, and telling our family and friends. Bernie’s garage will be open all week, anytime. Please don’t park on the grass! The “pickle jar” for donations will be brought to the yard sale, as well as other appropriate events.


e. Memorial Day 

Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, Open Space, we will be meeting at 8:00 to set up panels and markers for our annual event.  The display will be up 8-3:00. Please come anytime, stay for awhile, your time is a gift on this day. Bob will pick up the panels from Pete’s house, Phil will pick up the panels at Tim’s. Lydia contacted Norm and he’s all set,Tim will contact the media. The bugler is Max Ranger and he will play Taps at 12:00, followed by reading the names of all the Michigan Vets posted. Take down is 3:00. Please help then, if you can. Many hands.....


f. Tim will be handing out the Blue Angel flyers at the T. C. Public Library, whenever possible. He will have flyers to share if you will hand some out, too. Let Tim know.


e. Cherry Parade. A discussion was had to see if the majority wanted to march in the Heritage Parade with the other Veterans groups. Mary E made a motion to be in the parade and Emily second it. Majority said yes. An idea from Emily was to carry signs about our own reason for why we march, like a family members death due to war or side effects of war, friend veteran of war...  Idea: have something to handout, like small flags, candy.  Someone, at the meeting, looked up the date to submit the entry form and it’s May 4th, so it’s too late. Someone said they will check into it anyway. 




a. Treasurer

Lydia gave the monthly report



Tom brought new books to take for the Month and said there are many books of many topics in the Library.


c. PR 


Already reported.


d. Scholarship 


Already reported 


e. Webmaster Report


Emily is the new Webmaster. Thank You, Emily!  She will keep it updated! Emily asks that we all visit the website because the more it happens, the more often it will pop up on others searches. She will be posting weekly on Facebook.




a. On June 23 Tim and Emily will have a celebration of their wedding at Tim’s, their house, 6-10. RSVP by May 30, please. Everyone is invited️ In lieu of gifts, Tim is suggesting a donation to VFP50.


b. Mary P. will be co-secretary, every other month taking minutes.Thank You Mary!


Submitted by Penny


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