17 June 2017

 1. Moment of Silence.

2. Sign in and welcome, introductions.

3. Tim comments: John Lewis 90th birthday is June 20. His address is 3825 Scenic Dr. 

     # C7-9, Travers City, 49684. Send a Birthday note if you can.

4. Old Business

      a. VFP50 will walk in the Heritage Parade, if we have 15 participants.  So far there are      

           10 signed up.  The parade is Tuesday, July 4. Ask your friends, family to join us,

           too.  Reply to Tim's email. Time and gathering place to come.

       b. On Memorial Day Caroline showed Jim's Trac Chair to the Veteran community 

           that attended the Reining Liberty Ranch celebration. Pete, Sharon, Penny and

           Patrick were there with her. It was a wonderful day together as VFP50. 

        c. No report

       d. Memorial Day went really well at the Open Space. A lot of people stopped by.

           Plenty of volunteers showed up for set up and take down. 7&4 TV news were

           there, with 10 name readers and the bugler was wonderful.

        e. Jay, the lawyer for our efforts with the Military Demonstration teams has dropped

             out. Jim Olson will  replace him. Mary E has met with him. We will continue on.

         f. Discussed what city parks to plant this years Peace Pole. Tim will call the new 

            Parks and Rec man with the choice of Darrow Park.

        g. International Day of Peace committee is meeting to prepare for this years 

            celebration on Thursday, 9-21. Will fill in the details when it all set.

        h. VFP 50 is having a Yard Sale this Friday and Saturday at Bernie's barn, 

            618 Lake St., TC.  8-4:00. Please bring any good condition stuff to help our fund

            to continue the education of the cost of war. Also needed, tables. Set up will be 

             On Thursday at 6:00. Volunteer please!

        I. No report

5. Committee reports

        a.   Lydia gave the Treasurer report.  

        b. Tom gave the Library report. He read Tim's book and said it's very good and 

             highly recommends reading it.

        c. Sally has been really getting the word out for the groups PR. Brought flyers for    

            the yard sale to share with us and put them up in our area.

        d. The Scholarship committee interviewed two applicants. The decision had not 

             Yet been made.

6. New Business

        a. A Memorial for Char Sanderson will be on Saturday, July 15, at the East Jordan 

            United Methodist Church. She and her husband and a few others started the

            VFP50 Chapter. Mary and Penny are going and we invite others to join us. 

        b. Sunday, 6/25, 1-5:00, Up North Pride will be at the Open Space and VFP50 will 

            set up a table there. If you come over, please join those at our space!

        c. Michele, with Indivisible, came to our meeting to share her idea: VFP50 has been

            an active Peace group in the area for a long time. Would we be interested in 

            helping initiate, with Indivisible and other local groups, one large Peace group 

          and  create a network of participants and volunteers for events that come about.

            We agreed. Michele will get back with VFP50 after she has more info. 

         d. Our member, Arno von Walthausen, is a very big supporter of VFP50 and he 

             can't attend meetings now. Please consider sending him a note at:  12072

             S. Elk Rapids Dr. Traverse City 49684.

         e. OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE JULY 22!  Char's Memorial on the 15th.

A large group walked for and in Peace through Downtown.

As recorded by Penny Concannon