Minutes from June 8th, 2019 meeting

1. Moment of Silence.

2. Welcome, introductions (welcome to Warren (aka: Rick)!)

3. Thoughts and messages or statements from any member.
Bernie suggested reaching out to like-minded groups such as the American Friends Service Commitee. He will look into this. Tim reminded the group that anytime anyone would like to invite an individual or group leader to give a talk/presention on a topic of interest to VFP50, contact him and it can be added to the agenda.

a. Memorial Day

It was suggested by a few members that we have a microphone of some kind at the next event at the open space. The traffic was seemed extra noisey this year, making it difficult for some to hear the names being read, etc. Nick volunteered to do some price shopping around for a mike. It was also agreed that we should move a few feet further away from TART trail next time due to the large turn out, we had some people spilling out onto trail. NuArt signs needs to be contacted to add the new names to the panels. Mary E. will help. (reminder to ask for VFP Logo)

b. International Day of Peace
The IDP committee will meet on the 19th of June.

c. Discretionary spending flyer

Folding partyto be announced when new, corrected flyers become available

d. Parade, Cherry Festival

Who is in? Ask friends and family to join us! Wear VFP shirts and hats, etc. Meet at Carolines, July 2, 6pm. Bernie volunteered his vehicle and trailer to carry folks who would rather ride, even if only part of the way. A few sturdy chairs may be needed for trailer. It was suggested to have water in trailer for walkers if it is hot that day. Lydia may be able to help a with vehicle to pick up participants at end of route to shuttle back. Confirmation needed. Monday the 1st decorate the trailer at Bernies. Tim will call to arrange time.

e. Scholarship update

5 applicants, a record! Tim arranging time(s) for applicant interviews. Emily will help.
Tim will call our annual anonymous donor.

g. Yard sale update
Yard sale was a success despite the construction on 8th St.! We can't thank Bernie and Jalene enough!!!
It was determined that we need to have a sign up sheet for volunteer shifts for next year's sale. We were bare bones on staffing/ preparing/ tearing down this year. If we don't get enough people able to help next year, we may have to cancel.

h. Peace Day at high school

next year possibly.

5. Committee reports

a. Treasurer

Looking good.

6. New Business

a. VFP national convention in Spokane, August 15-18
Anyone going? It's always a worthwhile event!

Submitted by Emily

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