Meeting Minutes from 9-14-19

1. Moment of Silence, Welcome, Introductions

2. Mary will send new info from Young Peace Builders.

3. Bob shared the International Cities of Peace is having a Global Art show and poster contest and need artists submissions. Bob sent an email to Pace e Benefit with the information.

Nick read an article from National VFP newsletter about the End of Wars. It referred to the Kellogg Brand Pact site. It told of the number of U.S. bases in 80 Countries, how many service people, the pay they receive, and the budget per year. Discussion followed.

Tim was a speaker at a Veteran hunters gathering as a Vet and the President of VFP50.

4. Old Business

a. Picnic was wonderful!

b. International Day of Peace: All plans were made and ready for the Saturday, 21st. Hope all can make it.

c. GTB Powwow: 12 members attended and they said it was incredible, honoring and they will attend next August. Please consider joining us.

d. Discretionary spending flyer: Tim brought more and asked everyone to take as many as they can hand out. Will bring some the IDP on the 21st.

e. Mary P. With the Peace Day at High School: The organizer never got back with Mary and the group may be concerned about the controversial politics, with VFP50. Will revisit next year.

5. Committee reports

a. Treasurer: Lydia gave the report

b. PR: Bob, get our info out to the area

6. New Business

a. Counter Recruitment: discussion. Mary E will look into the schools allowing her, on behalf of VFP50, to set up a table at schools when the Recruiters are there, bring our card that gives info to students and parents about the military, giving the other side of the truth about choosing a career in the military.

c. Penny shared the idea of supporting March for Our Lives group, raising awareness of gun violence at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland , Fl. and in America. They have a new mission,

“ Peace Plan for a Safer America”. “ We’re not just fighting against the status quo, we’re fighting for real change, for justice, for peace,” David Hogg. It was suggested to donate to the group for expenses with their work. Discussion. Tim made a motion to give $100.00 to March For Our Lives and Ann gave the second. Penny will look into getting an address from the website to send a check.

d. Dave told about stores banning open carry, no longer selling assault rifles, followed by a discussion.

Everyone was invited to a Peace walk or to stand with the Occupy people in front of Horizon books.

Recorded and sent by Penny C.

Submitted by Penny 🕊

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