Meeting Minutes


Pete, Vice President, gave welcome, discussed the International Day of Peace.

The events were wonderful and went well, however there were smaller crowds than expected. It was then decided that quality is more important than quantity. Ideas for more attendees: Perhaps of a ceremony style event at the Open Space, a picnic atmosphere, give something to the crowd, suggested small Peace poles. Don’t need a stage.


a. Veterans Day

Veterans Day, November 11. The time at the Open Space was changed to 10-2:00.Pete proposed a vote, with Bob second and it passed unanimously, with setup at 9:00. Tim will get the Taps player, to happen at 11:00, with the names read, also. Norm came into the meeting so he knows the time change and he will be there at 9:00. We may only use the Memorial Markers, as there may not be help to get the Panels there. Lydia will contact Dave L. to help Change the death date of Dylan Fox to 2/5/10. WE NEED HELP TO SETUP, STAY FOR AWHILE AND TAKE DOWN. PLEASE GIVE ANY AMOUNT OF TIME YOU CAN! Volunteers who have signed up so far are: Phil, Pete, Lydia, Tom.

Our community deserves to see this visual toll of our local Military sacrifice and the families, their Beloveds. The Grand Traverse Band holds Veterans in the highest esteem and honoring Veterans is hugely important. On Saturday,11-10 The community will have a ceremony and feast at St. Kateri Church in Peshawbestown. At 11:00, in the cemetery, the names will be read of Veteran tribal members beginning with the Civil War. After that ALL Veterans stand on the porch steps of the church and have a group photo taken, then to the feast in the hall. All vets and their families are welcome!

b. International Day Peace

Reported at the beginning of the report.

c. ideas for the dollars we have in our bank

Make the Quaker Fold Out Cost of War with current changes. Use social media with Cost of War information, that’s free. Billboards were discussed but thought not a good use of money. Reaches a few people and the info can’t be read while driving by.

Phil’s idea, make t-shirts and hats. Bob’s idea, do things with youth, like the donation given to the Young Peace Builders. Mary P idea, talk with TC Area Elementary Schools to see about giving a donation or t-shirt “uniform” for the Peace Rally that happens every year.

d. Peace Pole at Veterans Park on Elmwood

Mary E gave the description of a very challenging, controversial meeting. VFP cannot be members and there cannot be a Peace Pole planted at the park. Long discussion.

e. Vets Coalition

Phil asked for the topic to be tabled, Pete second. It passed. Will be put in the next month Minutes.


a. Treasurer

Report given. Donation given to Young Peace Builders.

b. Library

Report given. New book: Never Give In, Winston Churchill

c. PR

Mary E will ask Emily for the PDF to send out info on Fb, email.

d. Scholarship

No report.

6. New Business

a. American Friends leaflets, get printed.

Tim will look into this.

b. Episcopal Peace Fellowship

c. We talked about sponsoring Vet families for Christmas and it was a unanimous yes. Lydia will call her contact agency person and Mary P and Penny know a local family, the Dad is a Vet and they have financial challenges. Mary will contact them and see if we can support them.

From Betsy: The Peace Group is not a part of the Episcopal Church, it is legally separate. The group meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Jubilee House, the hall next to the Church, 6:00-7:30. We are all invited!

Minutes submitted by Penny C.

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