Meeting Minutes


1. Moment of Silence.

2. Attendees: Tim, Bob, Phil, Rich, Lydia, Emily, Pete, Dick, Tom, Mary P., Ann, Dave

3. Thoughts and messages or statements from any member.
Update on Sharon M. She loves visitors! Please contact Pete for details.

4. Old Business

a. Veterans day
We got good feedback from passersby. Good media attention (photo of Phil on front page of Record Eagle, Interview with Tim on local T.V. news) Attendance was low, but weather was very cold and snowy. Lydia reported on date of death change for one of the soldiers (correction taped on... seems to work).

Flowers next year, especially if it snows.. red flowers would look really striking against snow?

Ann will look into making a plea to our local govt to change recognize Vet Day as “Armistice Day”

b. International Day of Peace
Talk again of inviting Young Peacebuilders to help organize next year's event.

c. Ideas for the dollars we have in our bank
Billboards were discussed but the group consensus seemed to be to focus on sprinted material and social media.
Tim talked of creating an updated “Discretionary Spending fold-out” that would include Trumps proposed budget as well as our chapter info (P.O. Box, web address, Facebook, etc.) Phil suggested looking into adding one of the poems published in VFP's national newsletter (Armistice day issue). Bob suggested also creating a pie chart version for to be used as a “Social Media Infographic”. Should we pay to have this professionally done?

e. young people (new members please)
NMC connection to be worked on . Ann suggested submitting an article to White Pines Press about VFP. Bob will contact Scott, the NMC Veteran Coordinator.

Mary Povolo reported on her communications with coordinators of “Peaceful Conflict Resolution” programs in our local schools. This prompted discussion of how we can help, be involved. Would they like a veteran to so speak at one of their peace rallies? Mary p. said she will add Tim, Bob, Pete and Dick to email communications with these social workers (Kristen S. at Westwood, Silverlake and Diane B. at Central)

It was suggested to place ad in Ticker and Express – Seeking new members from Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
Perhaps an evening gathering at Workshop?

f. Thank you notes to those who performed at IDP.. Tim?

5. Committee reports

a. Treasurer
Lydia and Mary P. gave updates on our Christmas family assistance program. Shopping volunteers were established and gift lists given. VFP 50 will be helping 3 veteran's families this year!

Discussion of donation requests from other organizations. Representatives will be asked to speak at our meeting, members will have opportunity to donate personally.

b. Library
Visit the Library! Tom has hand warmers! :)

c. Public Relations (Bob, Mary)
They did a great job getting media attention for IDP and Veteran's Day.

We agreed to reinstate monthly meeting notices in RE and Ticker.. Tim volunteered to take care of this through January's meeting.

6. New Business

a. The Chief Justice in Bangladesh

b. Episcopal Peace fellowship
Betsy will be invited to come talk to us. Individuals may choose to donate.

7. Any issues, concerns or information from the members or guests of VFP50.
Director of Veteran's affairs at NMC will be speaking at our next meeting, Dec. 15th

minutes submitted by Emily K.

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