Meeting Minutes

Tom Shea passed away. He and John Lewis were instrumental in the beginnings of our chapter. He had lived in Washington as of late to be near his children. He was a peace mediator and worked at Catholic Human Services.

We discussed how we could help with the Peace Day activities on June 6 at tc high school. We will send an e-mail that asks the organizers: What would our role be if we attended.

We discussed moving the meeting to May 11th

The website doesn’t seem up to date. A member tried to find the date of the meeting and he couldn’t find it.

We didn’t get any minutes nor an agenda

If we meet on May 11th, we need to get that on the website and inform all members that the meeting is changed.

We moved that the next meeting is May 11th.

We discussed having Golam Rabbani speak at the Open Space when we celebrate International Day of Peace. He is a lawyer from Bangladesh who has had many experiences of injustice and community organization. We are still looking for fabric for the blue scarf. It can’t have green in it. This was started by Afghani women who wanted to be under one sky. It is a knit and we will also cut small wristbands. This is a world wide movement. The website if called THE BLUE SKY.ORG. Penny has looked but can’t find the cyan or turquoise fabric, which is closest to the true sky blue. People in California are not answering their phone for the peace beads. We also have contacted the Beloved Community here who stand for peace, justice and tolerance. Not many people had come to our last September Peace Day. We have a list of churches, retired peace corp group and others. Next meeting we will work on the letter to send to the peace groups/churches so they can pass it on. September 21st is a Saturday in 2019. We’ve usually had it on the Sunday after whichever day September 21st has landed on. Bob will look into the events calendar to see if we have a lot of conflict of other activities on September 22nd, which is the day we’ve had it before. Bob and Lydia will contact the City of TC when we decide which date is best to secure the Open Space. Pete discussed, from his experience, the need to see that things are interrelated and that there is a political and spiritual dimension to peacemaking; there are many different dimensions to peacemaking.

Parade: Do we want to do the cherry festival parade? If it is on Tuesday night, do we still want to do it, or not? Some people have suggested to do only trailers since we have older members. We could walk, trailer and bike. TIM, COULD YOU PLEASE GET THE APPLICATION IN TO WALK ON THE TUESDAY EVENING HERITAGE PARADE which is on July 2nd from 7-9. Members agreed to take part in this. Penny had heard of the positive feedback with our personal signs. Bob suggested we make a sign or banner about the international day of peace events! Place on agenda for next meeting.

Yard sale: Bernie would like us to do that again. They are allowed two garage sales a year. Last year it was June 8th. Bernie will tell us next meeting when our garage sale will be. He is checking on the neighborhood yard sale date. It was decided we didn’t want to do it the same day as the neighborhood yard sale. Lydia would like to request we get tables in the pole building first before people start dropping things off. It makes our group more visible to have the big banner on a trailer. Bernie has two banners already. Lydia proposed we do it early in June again.

Tim will look into the Record Eagle and express to put our long flyers into! Lydia doesn’t know if we have enough money to put into the Record Eagle or express. We will discuss this at our next meeting.

Memorial Day: Will we do it? Bob will not be here. We need volunteers to get the stuff there and put it back into storage. WE ARE WORRIED THAT WE MAY NOT HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE TO DO THE PRESENCE. WE PUT UP THE MARKERS AND THE PANELS SO NEED A TRAILER. DICK WILSON AGREED TO HELP LYDIA WITH THE APPLICATION. We did 8-3 in the fall and shortened it to 9-3. Lydia proposed 9:30-3. We would start taking down at 3. TIM-PLEASE ARRANGE THE BUGLER FOR TAPS. THEY TYPICALLY COME AT NOON.

Scholarship: Lydia received one application. The college sent Tim an invitation to the donor luncheon, Thursday April 25th from 12-1:30 at the Hagarty Center. Elliot Morrison will attend. The memory of Lydia Hatton’s mom made a donation of $50 to Veterans for Peace.

Lydia passed around the financial report.

Meeting adjourned at 11:24. We discussed that we still want to continue to walk. Hopefully Tom will feel better and will bring our banners next meeting.

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